9 Global Foods to Make That Will Impress Your Friends

When funds have you firmly grounded, you can still fulfill your wanderlust in the kitchen! Whether you are having friends over or simply whipping up dinner for the family, these recipes are crowd pleasers!

Prepare you fussy eaters in the family for travel by letting them try new foods. It will take time, but eventually they will make it past hot dogs and mac and cheese, right?

Here are my top 9 picks!


Vietnamese Spring Rolls by Steamy Kitchen


Udon Miso Noodle Soup by Steam Kitchen


Swedish Meatballs by Serious Eats


Greek Pastitsio by My Greek Dish


Mexican Churro by Just a Taste

Add sour cream! You won’t regret it!


Gallo Pinto by Striped Spatula


Shakshuka by Smitten Kitchen


Cottage Pie by Fifteen Spatulas


Chicken Curry by My Fussy Eater

Bon Appetite!


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