This is no democracy!


One year, we all decided that we would rather go on vacation and make memories over acquiring things. To make this more of an exciting decision, we all planned our own vacation down to the details and within a budget. I guess you can say my wanderlust was seriously nurtured by my parents! What an amazing way to help children learn about budgeting, different countries, modes of transportation, and forming a solid plan and pitch. It was clear to us that we would all get to have our ideas heard and considered, but

this was no democracy. 

The adults had the final say on which vacation would win. I was not the winner that year. I had planned a lovely villa stay in Costa Rica. We ended up at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica that was planned by my brother. I still plan on taking that villa vacation though!


So, let’s get our kids involved and let them help plan! Be sure to let me know where your little travelers have you going!




One thought on “This is no democracy!

  1. We are planning the second leg of our Scandinavia trip. Yes, most of the time, democracy doesn’t work. We are pro-attachment parenting and unschooling! The irony! ✈️✈️✈️


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