3 Foolproof Ways of Reconnecting With Your Kids

Serenading our oldest in New Orleans. She clearly loved it!


I know it is hard! Finding those five minutes to chat with friends on
social media was hard enough! As a mother of four, oh how I know. The
struggle is real! I am in no way suggesting we abandon our coveted
alone time. What I am suggesting is that we all consciously disconnect
for some time each day to reconnect with those we love.



Parenting every day can wear a person down. It’s easy to get lost in
the things that have to be done and to overlook the big picture. Fun
can often be seen as frivolous, something left to the children, and a
commodity we simply can’t afford. I am here to tell you that you can’t
afford to not! It takes practice to find ways to play and ways your
children appreciate you playing with them. You will be surprised to
see how your children light up when we do too!



Eye contact is a powerful way to send a nonverbal message that you are
trying to plug-in and connect with another. Eye contact between a
parent and child provides reassurance and sends a strong signal of
emotional connection. Look your children in the eyes and be present
with them every day. Be mindful to set your phone down or to look away
from the television and at them when they are talking to you. It’s a
very simple gesture with a high return!

Just three small ways to strengthen existing and forge new bonds with
those whom you hold dearest.



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Motivated mom, wife, daughter, friend, makeup artist, motivational speaker (even if only to my kids) and more that has a dynamic approach to life, parenting, and traveling with her not so little but fiercely fought for family! Please be impressed by that sentence. It took me two cups of coffee to create!

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