How to Use Disney’s My Dinsey Experience App

In today’s digital world, it can become overwhelming with the sheer number of digital applications designed to manage every area of our lives. However, this one will make your visit to Disney much easier! To avoid the frustration of learning the new application and starting your vacation off on the wrong foot, I have broken it down and explained how to use it. I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Step 1: Download the app to your smartphone. It looks like this and is free.

The first screen you will see when you open the app looks like this.

This is your all things Disney vacation command center. By touching the plus sign, you have a quick link to managing your Fast Pass Plus, tickets, dining, entertainment, and/or your shopping. If you have a trip already booked to Disney, your reservation will show up under the “My Plans” heading. Those three horizontal lines at the top left get you to the main screen, but much of that can be managed by touching the icons at the top where you see the star for attractions and so on.

If you touch attractions, you will get the wait times for rides. The screen will look like the one below.


If you click on characters at the top, you will see a menu of your favorite Disney characters, where to find them, and at what time.



The little pin on the map will show you how to get to each character. A very handy tool if your goal is to meet the characters! For example, if your favorite princess is Tiana, you would touch her picture.


As you can see, this will get you where you need to be and on time. Remember that excited children line up before the character’s scheduled appearance! When you need directions, you can touch “Find on Map.” The screen will look like this.


You can type in where you currently are, and get directions to where you need to be. This takes away some of the frustration of being in a large amusement park and having to be somewhere at a specific time. The directions can look like this next image. The great news is that you can zoom in by pinching you fingers together, place them on the screen, and then spread your fingers. Then, as you walk, the dot (that’s you) will move as you move. This will help the directionally challenged, like me!


If you prefer to see the directions in writing, you can see the walking directions. Then you will get directions that look like the next image.

(null)-6With all of that walking, now you are hungry! If you touch the food icon at the top of your main screen, you will see the following.


This will show you the dining options at the parks. So if you are done saying hello to Tiana and want to eat somewhere close. You can do that too! Look for a restaurant in the “land” you are in. See the next image!


Here is an example of Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square. You can click the map to get directions in the GPS form I showed you before. The “Get Directions” link will give you the written directions. The “View Menu” is always most important to me. Nobody wants to walk all the way to the restaurant only to not like a thing they serve!\]\


Now you know whether this will work for your family. I often text the full family’s order to my husband so that he can order, pay, and pickup while I find our family a table. If you are the only adult in your party, know that they will help you carry your food to your table if you ask. When I travel alone with my children, I do this often. I can only carry so much while pushing a wheelchair and keeping eyes on the others.

Your children and you are now well fed! Yay! Everyone is happy now right? That is until ten minutes after you leave the restaurant and someone needs to pee RIGHT NOW! Open the app and touch the restroom symbol on the top. It will look like this:


Again this will give you locations of restrooms. Those bottom symbols will help you get there. This family now has a standing rule that everyone must at least try to go to the bathroom wherever we are eating. Period. End of question. If you whine, complain, or don’t follow the rule, you sit out the next ride. It only took once! We are season pass holders, and so we visit Disney often. So, we have a good idea of what works for our children and family. This suggestion may not work for your family.

So, you need a break from the rides and want to do something different. Click on the “Attractions” at the top of the main screen. You will then get options for you and your family to do.



Want to learn how to be a pirate? Why not learn from the best! You would be shocked just how much Captain Jack looks like Johnny Depp!

Ok, so that’s all well and good, but I need to manage my hotel reservation or make a reservation for dining. Click on ┬áthe aforementioned horizontal lines on the top left to get to the menu where you can do that.


If I were to manage our reservations for our upcoming trip to Disney, I could do that through the Dining on the left hand side of this menu.


If you are looking for new reservations these next few screens are for you! Step one is to choose your party size and date. I recommend doing this well in advance. Restaurants such as Cinderella’s Royal Table book exceptionally fast. Restaurants with character experiences also fill up quickly. Sometimes you do get lucky and find a great last-minute reservation. The trick is to be flexible and look often. Cancellations do happen!


So, you select your date. Then, at the bottom you select the time or meal.


Then you will be shown the available restaurants. If you are traveling during off-peak season like we are, you will have many more to choose from. Also, a bonus of traveling in early fall is the free Disney meal plan for staying at a Disney resort!(null)-20

Here is a screenshot of me looking at our FP+ reservations.


You can also find park hours easily through this menu.

(null)-15You may manage or purchase your memory maker through here. The memory maker gives you access to all of those pictures that Disney photographers snap of you and your family. You download them through the My Disney Experience app. Very convenient!

Overall, this is an app that is well worth the download! Feel free to send me an email if you have questions! I can be reached at



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