The Best Travel Purse!


– Blarney Castle

I recently went on a trip to Ireland, and I specifically purchased a purse designed for travel. I had high hopes that it would live up to its reviews! I wasn’t traveling with my children on this particular escape. However, when I am traveling with my little people, I need my hands free. Therefore, I opted for a cross body bag. I also decided that this would keep my valuables safer. The results? I am in LOVE with this bag so much, that it is now my every day purse!


-Kilkenny Castle

What did I love about this purse? It could hold a great deal! It had plenty of room without being overly bulky. It has a secret compartment for your passport and/or money. It is durable and still stylish. Ok, stylish for a mom of four children constantly on the go! It can hold a sippy cup or my makeup bag. This makes it the perfect choice for me!

To find a good deal on this bag, which I am not being paid to promote, you could sign up for  Ebates, and earn cash back on its purchase. Currently there is an eighteen percent cash back deal! The bag comes in other colors, but I liked the blue. It is called the Piazza Day Bag. It’s on sale for just $39.99! Through Ebates, you will get a little over seven dollars in cash back too! Score!

Happy travels friends!






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