Budgeting a Cheap Vacation

Looking back on our earlier vacations, I realize now that we really and truly over paid for them. We were victims of just not knowing how to budget, save, and find a good deal! With time and experience, those skills have fallen into place. These are some practical tips for everyday busy parents. Here is to hoping they help you as much as they have helped us!

Acronym of TIP - Theory into Practice
Here are my top ten tips:
  1. Vacationing while school is on break is expensive! The demand is high and so are the prices. Consider vacationing while the children are in school. This will most likely take approval from the principal. If you have a student in good standing and are going to a location where there will be some form of educational value, it should be easily approved.
  2.  If you are vacationing near a holiday, try to get there the day after it or leave the day before it. For example, arrive on December twenty-sixth and depart on the thirty-first. This will be significantly less expensive than arriving on or before Christmas or New Year’s.
  3. Traveler during the shoulder season. This is that window of opportunity between the slow and busy season for a particular destination. Look up when this timeframe is for your destination and seize the opportunity for a great deal!
  4. Be flexible with your dates if at all possible. Sometimes shifting your vacation by even one day can save hundreds!
  5. Consider a large villa rental and split the cost with another family. Sometimes you can negotiate the cost of a vacant villa close to your travel date. Be sure to contact the owner and ask if they would consider this. Villa rentals may be found on popular websites like VRBO and Airbnb.
  6.  Consider using Groupon to book your travel. I can personally attest that we have had nothing but positive experiences booking through them and have scored some great deals!
  7. Purchase your vacation on Black Friday! Popular airlines, hotels, and travel sites have cashed in on the shopping craze that is Black Friday. Deals can be slashed as high as sixty percent! While eating your leftovers, search the internet for a good deal!
  8. Be flexible with your airports. If you are willing to drive a few hours to a major hub, you can save hundreds of dollars. Perhaps you can even incorporate the alternate airport into your travel itinerary!
  9. Look where your flights have layovers and consider driving to that airport and start your journey there. This can save a significant sum!
  10. Use Kayak Explore to see what regions of the world are less expensive to travel to when you are planing on traveling.



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